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Do the e-Learning certifications and/or courses expire?

All SCE e-Learning offerings, which include all five CPIM modules, all three CPSM modules and any of the professional development courses remain active for one year after purchase.

What is the learning format for the Certification Reviews and Courses?

The certification reviews and the single courses offer interactive video and audio presentations that simulate being in the classroom. The programs also provide numerous simulated exam questions and study materials in PDFs that can be downloaded, printed, or added to any of your favorite e-readers.

How long does it take to complete each of the programs?

This is probably the most commonly asked question in the thirteen years that SCE has been in business.  Each of the Certification modules is an average of 30 hours, and the Professional Development courses can range from 8-16 hours.

How do I access the e-Learning programs?

Currently, the e-Learning programs can only be accessed on a laptop and desktop. A good internet connection is required to load the classroom on your computer and to be able to download the study material.

What is the best browser to access the programs?

For the best e-learning experience, we suggest following the courses and reviews either on Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

The e-Learning programs are viewable with Flash. We suggest updating your Flash plug-in before starting your program.


For any questions on troubleshooting feel free to contact the instructor for support.

Are mobile devices compatible for these programs?

No. Mobile support is currently unavailable. SCE is planning to release mobile apps for iOS and Android at a later time. Stay tuned for an official announcement.

Does the system show any stats on the student's progress?

The current e-learning offers a full stats report the instructor can submit to your employer to show progress on all the courses you have taken. The report can be exported simply as an excel file.

What are the costs of the Certifications Reviews and for each Single Course?

Instead of publishing prices, which can be misinterpreted as “firm – without any flexibility,” SCE recommends that you or your employer call us or submit a Quote Request via our website. We will work with you on special pricing based on the number or courses selected or the number of participants.

The SCE team is very competitive with any other firms providing similar offerings, but our quality is unmatched in the industry!

What Payment Options Are Available ?

SCE wants to make it convenient for their users so payment can be made via PayPal and Credit Cards.

Help - Can't view the lesson on the desktop/laptop computer?

The content of your lessons are viewable if your Flash plug-in is up to date on the web browser you decided to view the lessons on.

To update your Flash plug-in please visit

For the best viewing experience we highly recommend Google Chrome. Though Safari, Firefox and the latest version of IE seem to be working well for most students too.

Help - Can't access the Student Portal at work?

For security reasons most large companies do not allow users to access external websites. Please talk to your IT department and ask them how to whitelist our site so you can continue to take the course even during office hours.

Help - Can't view the lessons on a mobile device?

We currently don’t support mobile devices, because your lessons are currently viewable with Flash. We are planning on launching iOS and Android apps at a later time.

Help - Can the quizzes and final exams be taken multiple times?

Yes. Every student has 2 chances to retake all the Quizzes and the Final Exams. Please contact your instructor at to submit your retake request.

Help - Issues with an Expired Course?

If you are still within your 365 days from the enrollment date, and your course is already expired, please contact your instructor via email at

If you are passed the year count of your enrollment and want to continue to take your courses, a new payment will have to be submitted. Please contact your instructor as well for further instructions.

Help - Can't hear the audio?

Make sure your default audio settings are unmuted. The audio format is MP3 which is one of the most popular and compatible audio formats globally recognized on computers.

In case you are in an environment where you are not allowed to hear the audio, we suggest printing the Study Material available in each module, so you can read the content of the lesson.

Help - How to contact technical support?

If none of the questions above have resolved your technical issues for any support questions please contact your instructor via email at

For any support request please allow up to 48hrs for the issue to be resolved.

Help - How to contact the instructor?

If you need to contact your instructor regarding any question you have about your course please send an email to

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